Communication is the most important part of any business. When the various members of a team can chat or collaborate with one other it leads to a healthier and more productive environment within the business.Interaction within the team leads to good teamwork and increases trustworthiness among your employees.

The way of inter-office communication has to keep up with the ever-changing technological reforms.Using these apps you can interact with your co-workers from anywhere at any time and have instant brainstorming sessions.

Now that we have established why internal business communication is extremely valuable.Let us see the best team collaboration tools:


Slack stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. A freemium cloud-based tool which provides collaboration services. This tool was initially designed for only their company members later it was upgraded to provide services to others too. Various features to create private groups, direct chats etc are also available in this app. It can also facilitate integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more services.To get users to join a group an invite in the form of URL is sent by the admin.Once you are in a group you can chat with other people in the group.

You can download Slack for various platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, and  Apple watch.


Yammer is a freemium tool used for organization’s private communication.It provides social networking services for the in-house business communications. Third-party developers are offered an opportunity to develop and sell their collaborative applications directly to users of the Yammer.

It also has a special context-based search option.The access to a network in the app depends on the approval of the email address.

Skype for business

Formerly known as Microsoft Lync is one of the most popular tools.After combining the features of Lync and Consumer Skype it comes across as a very innovative idea for internal communication.

The Skype for business has many features like instant messaging, VoIP and video conferences.It can also perform collaborations is available on various platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows.


One of the tops apps which are being used by top private and government companies alike.This app is mostly used for project management.Tracking of the projects is done with ease.Using Asana helps you in creating a template for common processes.

Although it doesn’t have its own special chatting tool; it integrates emails, documents, and many integrations are available.The admin can adjust the security settings according to his/her needs.


It is one of the best apps for small businesses or startups. This app is considered to be a little better than Slack because its features are constantly updated. Team collaboration tools include group calls, calendar facilities, to-do list etc making this it one of the best communication apps for entrepreneurs

The best part of Bitrix24 is that every employee can make calls, share files and more.They can also make appointments, mark deadlines and have their personal to-do list.


Glip is another web-based application real time go to app. Using this leads to increase in productivity.Reason being, it has an integration of chatting, file sharing and project managing.Calendar features can exclusively for preparing a plan for the project which will thus help to check its progress.

The special push notifications for reminders and alarms come in super handy.It also has a provision for sharing the screen with their customers.Glip supports the user made plugins which boost team collaboration and it works well with Google Dropbox, Hangouts etc.


Another perfect office communication app as it is solely used for brainstorming ideas.. Wrike doesn’t store and display the contact information of its users. It is merely a place for discussing various ideas and people can openly comment and give suggestions.The features include starting discussions, customizable workflow, create reports from real-time data and much more.


It is essentially an enterprise chat app which is designed exclusively for groups.This is implemented by assigning a password to join any particular groups(Groups are password protected).The setting up of account is easy.The employee can invite anyone to join the group, be it a vendor or client or any other person.It offers many add-on options to make its services better and it can also be used for design and development.