how to be more productive

Do u ever feel like you have been working and working and still not getting shit done!!? When looked at from a point of view in terms of time, you are spending the so-called required amount of hours. The results are not good when compared to the time which is actually being spent.

I don’t mean to put you in depression or anything, it’s just that this is a serious problem.Its obvious isn’t it?  When you have been working so hard at something but it is not going all that well. The problem we are facing is of productivity.What is productivity? It is getting results in an amount of time actually required for a task and not about how much time it takes you to perform that task.

We have considered what the problem. Now, let us look at the reasons why this happening and how to solve it. Whether it is an issue of productivity in the workplace or personal productivity, here are a few increasing productivity tips :

1.Morning time is the prime time

The first few hours after you wake up, are the most important. They set up the tone for the rest of the day. So when you wake up, the first thing that you should not do is start spending some screen time(Yes you read that right)

Reason being when you see all the notifications probably about the commitments of the day it might get overwhelming.

What you should do is relax, spend some time on self-reflection. Have some coffee and all of this is gonna lift your spirits and help you start the day on an optimistic note! (Yay positivity!!)

2.Don’t be lazy

Being lazy is human nature. What we don’t know however is that it is more of a habit. If you start being lazy you will get more addicted to it.It obviously is a bad habit so stop being lazy. Stop procrastinating your work.Stop getting distracted by things.

Focus on the tasks at hand and get them done instead of chilling, you should change your behavior. It is a habit, so take it slow and change it step by step.

3.Physical activity

Activities that require you to exert yourself physically release chemicals which lifts your spirits and helps you focus. Physical fitness is a must if you want to boost your productivity

Eating well and take taking care of your body is a must. Only if you are well can you improve efficiency and productivity

4.Check your email fewer times per day

Easy peasy huh?But think about the number of times you actually check your email.It is a lot, right?

Cut it out. Don’t check your mail every second of every day. You can create folders separating your mail which will contain essentials and non-essentials.

Same can be applied to your other social media apps. Turn off push notifications if you really want to increase productivity. You can make time for all this later while you take a break.

5.Quit multitasking

Just Stop!!!…. If you think that multitasking gets tasks done faster and better then you are being a little in over your head. Its proven that focusing on multiple things at once can lead to a bad quality of work.

Instead of that, prioritize. Follow the 80/20 rule which means 80% results are caused by 20% effort.Always keep this in mind.

6.Decide, decide and decide

Set goals and make plans to handle the tasks at hand.Make a short to-do list of all things you are supposed to get done that day. Using technology is one way to do that.Many apps are available which can help you keep track of your tasks.

Make targets and recheck your performance.It is one of the most important productivity improvement techniques.

7.Setting up a healthy routine

Go to bed early.Get enough sleep. Develop these habits. Make it a point to get enough hours of sleep. Sleeping less than what your body needs can have serious after effects and obviously lead to low productivity. Breaks and naps are known to increase concentration.

Make time for things other than work. Take some time off, spend it with your family and other loved ones.

8.Get Organized

Another personal productivity tip is to be organized. And this does not mean less clutter in terms of work you are doing. Get your room, your desk even your the tools you use every day, organized.Although this may seem like it has no relation to productivity but it does.Less clutter leads to less stress. If your outer physical things are less clustered only then will your mind be less cluttered.